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Windsurfing Track Analyzer

4.08 usd

This is a tool for analysis of windsurf GPS tracks. !!! Not for recording track itself !!!If You are a windsurfer, like Me, and you do record GPS tracks while racing or riding - W.T.A. is just for You! However, you can use this tool for any other tracks, not only for windsurf.
With W.T.A. You can get an instant report for your new track just after the ride and get the main data, such as:- duration- total distance/run and planning distance- maximum distance from the start point- maximum speed, speed analysis, speed profile (distribution)- directions distribution (polar)- planning length, distance, percentage by time and distance
Now you can share track info with Facebook, Email and other applications
W.T.A. report includes three graphical presentations:- speed distribution diagram - speed profile- directional diagram (distribution frequency, average and maximum speed by directions)- track view - track shown on map (color of track according to speed) including important marks (top speed point etc)-detailed track view
Also W.T.A. is useful for detailed post-analysis of your tracks collection.
It supports such file formats:GPXNMEA (Doppler speed support)FIT, TCX (Garmin Forerunner/Fenix etc)SBN (Locosys GT-11/GT-31) (in future releases other file formats can be added).
Files can be opened from local storage, USB flash/Cards, USB/ANT+ Garmin, GoogleDrive, DropBox and other "clouds" etc.
Im personnaly use it with Garmin Forerunner 310xt and with GPS Logger for Android by Mendhak - mendhak.gpslogger.
Keep your board light, sail tough, fin sharp and let the wind be with you!